Kathy WalshTapestry by Carole King

This is the song that came to me on my walk this morning as I was pondering my journey. Even though I have accomplished many things that on the surface may seem different, when you weave them together, they make a beautiful tapestry. My trendsetting ability, style, and taste come with me no matter what project I am working on. My passion for the arts, our environment, and children are at the core of everything I do. I have planted my soul in Santa Fe but intend to stay connected to my roots in New York. My desire is to share my infectious enthusiasm for the arts with an ever-increasing audience through press, marketing , social media, and amazing events.

energy - excitement - enthusiasm

my journey

  • Homeward Bound - Owner, four locations in New Milford, Madison and West Hartford, CT, and Great Barrington, MA ~ a trendsetting lifestyle store focusing on environmental and holistic products
    • Executed all public relations, marketing, advertising, buying and events for four stores.
    • Featured in dozens of TV shows, magazine and news articles including The NY Times and Elle décor.
    • Used social media for marketing including blogging and Facebook.
    • Recognized nationally with two awards for supporting the arts.
    • Produced numerous community arts events as well as funding scholarships for local arts programs.
  • ABC Carpet & Home, NYC ~ Senior Buyer
    • Hired to transform abc into a more holistic shopping experience.
    • Created a new Children’s Department using natural and organic products that promote creativity and nurture artistic abilities in young children.
    • Buying included all spiritual music and books, organic yoga clothing, natural bath and beauty products, incense, home accessories and lighting.
  • CT Conservatory of the Arts, New Milford, CT ~ Marketing and Public Relations Director
    • Established community alliances with local businesses and media to gain awareness and financial support.
    • Responsible for organizing, and publicizing all events, shows and master classes for music, theatre and dance.
    • Ran a community outreach program for recruitment.
  • Rudolph Steiner School, NYC ~ Marketingand Public Relations
    • Worked with the Development Director to create programs and fundraising events.
    • Produced all newsletters including creating a new one for parents of preschoolers. Put together community calendar, advertising and press releases.
    • Started a 2+ program, which has grown into the school’s most popular program.
    • Designed a rain forest event for k-12 students that got us coverage on the NBC nightly news and raised $10,000 to buy land for the National Conservancy.