passion for the arts

At Homeward Bound, I was lucky enough to have a platform to be able to express my passion for the arts in my retail stores. I often produced events that combined many different art forms. I was recognized nationally and locally with two awards for my support of the arts.
homeward bound

Bank Street Festival ~ Dancin’ in the Streets, October 11, 2009

bank street festival

it doesn’t matter what you wear…just as long as you are there…so every guy grab a girl…and the kids for an old-fashioned, new-fangled street festival of music, art, food, fun and…dancin’ in the streets!

art wall

art wall

In each of my stores I created an Art Wall to give back to the arts community. Artists were able to show and sell their work. A percentage of their sales went to the Earl Mosley Institute of the Arts, which develops skills, discipline, and self-esteem through intensive dance training for talented Connecticut inner-city teenagers.

TheatreWorks and Enchanted Evening Events

enchanted evenings and theatreworks

In August, 2010, I was on a commitee to host a 30th reunion for the School of Performing Arts. I enjoyed decorating and creating this magical event. The real gift was seeing all these talented, young adults express their gratitude for the gifts the arts have given them.

At the Connecticut Conservatory of the Arts, I was responsible for organizing, and publicizing all events, shows and master classes for music, theatre and dance.

 Connecticut Conservatory of the Arts

At the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, I created all marketing and public relations materials, newsletters and put together community calendar, all advertising and press releases.

Rudolf Steiner School in New York City