what homeward bound customers have said…

…“It is rare that I go into a store and feel at home…but I felt it in yours. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience. I will dream about your store and how many items I want to own.” ~ Britta

…“Homeward Bound was such a special place not only to shop but just to be in and take in all the beauty. It was my destination when I wanted to get a feel of inspiration or treat myself to a new piece of clothing. At every level of merchandise, from kids to clothing, to furniture, there was not one item that I would not want to own. Everything exuded a sense of excellent taste with an exquisite, casual, elegant flare…You have a tremendous gift of style and your store reflected it.” ~ Barbara

…“Thanks for bringing great style to my home and dress.” ~ Debra

…“Thank you for your commitment to community, creativity and beauty!” ~ Melinda

…“You set a new high standard for civic concern and support of our Village Center businesses. Never before in our Town has there been anything remotely like Homeward Bound. Kathy's sophisticated taste certainly improved my wardrobe and made it much more fun. Your energy and outward focus made me realize what we could be if we had a dozen Kathy Walshes in our midst.” ~ Julie

…“Today, Homeward Bound carries a carefully selected mix of high-end furnishings and clothing items, at a ration of two to one, all meant to promote “interior harmony”, the store’s slogan.” ~ NY Times (2007)

…“an eclectic, well-edited selection of eco-friendly furnishings, ceramics and lighting”
~ Elle Decor (2006)

…“every time I turn around, there you are, your events and projects are on tv, radio, newspaper and magazines. how do you do it?” ~ Business development executive


other accolades…

…“To have Kathy on board of any endeavor means bringing on a golden ray that warms more than what she touches directly. She is full of ideas and has the strong will, skill and experience to translate those ideals into future-directed and community-oriented enterprises.”
~ Director, Rudolf Steiner School, NYC

…“Kathy has an unbridled passion for bringing the arts to children. In our final year together we realized a 19% increase in arts business, doubled our academic program and produced over 40 events across all performing arts disciplines.”
~ Director, CT Conservatory of the Arts

…“tonight was a total success all because of your creative efforts, planning skills and incredibly positive outlook which radiates from you at all times. you did a spectacular job and what a treat to be part of an idea that comes to fruition perfectly! music, dance, food and an event filled with magic. thank you thank you, thank you, you make it all look so easy.”
~ Director, Sherman Chamber Ensemble

…“These handpainted originals by a group of concerned educated visionaries who want to be sure the next generation of kids can be inspired by a rainforest that they’re helping to save today.” ~ Vic Miles, CBS News